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Bespoke Collect. Structure. Centralize. Index.
Retrieve. Share. Analyze.

ADEPT® makes Aviation Records Management efficient, flexible & scalable. It helps our clients structure and centralize the collection of aircraft data. ADEPT® also enables them to systematically store and index records for easy retrieval and reporting. With ADEPT®, large scale Aircraft and Engine Records Management and extracting inputs critical to Asset Management becomes easy, efficient & effective.

Commitment to Quality Innovative.

ADEPT® is beyond just scanning & housing of records. It is a complete Aircraft and Engine Records Management solution. Apart from the ability to scan & house records in ADEPT®, our clients also get active help from team ADEPT® to manage these critical records. By streamlining the entire Aviation Records Management process, ADEPT® enables our clients to make quick decisions and enhance project readiness across the world.

Commitment to Quality Key Benefits
of ADEPT®.

  • Centralize the process of collecting, indexing, presenting and accessing technical records of your fleet.
  • Quick & easy access to Aircraft Records' Archive.
  • Flexibility to define multi-level access to aircraft records.
  • Keep an accurate inventory listing of your aircraft records effortlessly.
  • Digitization of records made easy.
  • Speed and integration for quick decision making.

Bespoke Clients powered
by ADEPT®.


Over 25 years since its inception, AWAS today is a global leader in commercial aircraft leasing. Headquartered in Dublin and with offices in New York, Miami and Singapore, it owns and manages 240 aircraft with 90 airlines in 47 countries.

View AWAS Press Release.


A leading player in commercial aircraft leasing, financing and management, BBAM serves over 200 airline customers in over 50 countries. Founded over 20 years ago, BBAM's services now cover more than 450 aircraft valued in excess of $13 billion.

Regional One

Regional One, is a purchaser, lessor and seller of aircraft, aircraft parts, engines and engine parts and other related support items applicable to the Regional / Commuter aircraft worldwide.

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